Want to visit Honfleur
in an original and fun way?

Follow our characters, they will guide you through the alleys.
Discover Honfleur and its discreet details.
Go for a walk at your own pace. Use your time as you wish.

En piste Lulu offers tours suitable for everyone, which explore
the city and present it to you in a new way. Let yourself be
carried away by the story and open your eyes wide! Each
adventure passes through the main points of interest,
and other more secret ones.

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Discover “En piste lulu”
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Test the concept before you start!
Try the discovery tour for free and go for
a 10-minute walk behind the scenes of Honfleur.

Here, don’t expect to go around the Vieux Bassin:
we explore some hidden corners. When you return,
you will have a clearer idea of what awaits you
if you follow one of our tours.

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I want to visit Honfleur

Playful visit

You want to discover the city while having fun.

Free tours

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of your time.

Tourist curiosity

You like to stroll and stumble upon hidden details.


Looking for a turnkey activity to do with children.

Visit differently

You want to remember your visit for a long time.


You want to see the essentials of the city, but also some places appreciated by the locals.

Our next tourist routes?
The choice is yours!

Among the following proposals, which tempts you the most for a future tour?



Want to see everything?
This tour takes you to the four corners of Honfleur. You can admire all the must-sees and discover several breathtaking panoramas.



In Lisieux there is a splendid basilica, but that’s not all! Follow Lulu in the alleys of the capital of the Pays d’Auge and you will go from surprise to surprise.



Fishing village, seaside resort on the Côte Fleurie, popular spot for artists, Trouville is all that at once. Lulu takes you on a discovery of this charming family port in the heart of Calvados.